CultureTrip Articles

A collection of articles (6) written for Culture Tripbetween 2015-2016. A global startup operating in travel, media and entertainment. We create stories that reveal what is unique and special about a place, its people and its culture. … Culture Trip has won many accolades for its inspirational contents.

Tremr Articles

A collection of articles (28) written for ‘Tremr’ between 2015-2017. Topics primarily include films, history, literature, and politics: Tremr, is a healthier home for your news, views and ideas. Tremr gives you a beautiful space for ultimate self-expression. Not only does every post look great but your followers can browse your content in multiple ways.

Trvelista Club

Travelista articles aren’t your usual commercial articles crammed with paid endorsements. Real people, either locals or travelers will give you the inside tips on what to do so you step off the plane, train or bus and get straight to the heart of your destination.


Writers For Writers Fellowship competition – Finalists in 2018 I have written several feature screenplays that placed well in numerous international film competitions, including the Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, Screencraft Horror Contest, Script Pipeline, and the World Series of Screenwriting. Writers-For-Writers– is a group of WGA mentors and consultants helping aspiring writers break into the film and television industry.

‘Duke’ Screenplay

A quarter-Finalist at the ‘American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest’ (2015) for my screenplay ‘Duke’. American Zoetrope has constantly embraced the creative possibilities of technology, and is known for orchestrating alternative approaches to filmmaking and challenging stale Hollywood standards. American Zoetrope continues to build on its rich film history and legendary standards of quality from its headquarters, the historic Sentinal Building in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood.

‘Bird of Prey’ Screenplay

Finalist at the ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest (2017) for my spec script “Bird of Prey” and I was a finalist nominee at the 2017 Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship in Screenwriting (USA), where it was one of top 3 scripts.  Horror allows us to experience our fears in safety. Whether it’s supernatural, psychological, apocalyptic or comedic. As one of the industry’s proven genres for breaking in new talent, this competition is especially effective for new screenwriters with great scripts. If you’re writing a great horror script, we’d love to read it.

‘The Pilgrim’ Screenplay

‘Black Leopard’ Screenplay

Quarter-Finalists at – 2016 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Contest for my feature Script ‘ Black Leopard’- (Horror)

ScreenCraft Development Program builds personalized strategies for writers, bridging the gap from where they are when submitting to getting signed, and even getting staffed. Our finalists come from various countries, backgrounds, and experience levels, but they all share a gift and passion for storytelling. 

Published Poetry

COLLECTED EMOTIONS’ (2004) was a pile-up of poetry that Thivanka wrote while he was in School. 70 poems on 71 pages; ISBN 955-8095-76-1 First Edition October 2004. University of Sri Jayawardanapura – Sri Lanka – online public access. “Collected emotions does not directly reflect the emotions I have felt in particular situations as expounded poetically in this book. Somewhat inconspicuously but more precisely I have managed to put forth the emotions personified by concocted tales, such as ‘ ingenious minds’ ‘Phantom’ & ‘Intruder by night’. In ‘Intruder by Night’ I have actually alluded to the exaggerated curiosity and fear that spontaneously causes a brief emptiness of mind when the mind is entirely deluged by cumbersome emotions”

‘ELYSIUM & OTHER POEMS ISBN  955-1266-11-0 First Edition February 2006: 98 poems on 102 pages. Published: Vijithayapa Books – Sri Lanka. Thivanka’s second collection of poetry regarding contemporary themes such as politics, religion, poverty, and personal disillusionment. “When I have to do, I have to catch everybody – if they start to go over the cliff- I mean if they are running, And they don’t look where they are going, I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I’d do all day., I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all”. – Cather In The RyeThis young poet is looking for a paradise lost. A paradise which we, the older generation took so much for granted. Today even religion has lost its power of consolation. ‘But the fairy tales continue with a promise due tomorrow, in a week, a month or a light-years” – Punyakante  Wijenaike.

KALEIDOSCOPE is a collection of Sri Lankan Poetry by renowned Sri Lankan English Poets, written by Prof. D.C.R.A. Goonetilleke, which includes Thivanka’s contribution to this Anthology. First Edition April 2010 The Anthology goes as far back as the reign of King Sri Wicrama Rajasingha, the last king of Kandy and indeed of Sri Lanka. Chronologicaly, content and technique have been taken in to consideration in arranging the items so as to mirror the concerns, political or domestic, individual or social, of historical and literary period stretching from the 1950s to present.

Added on page 198: ‘Sins of Impartiality’ from my previous publication ‘Elysium & Other Poems’ “The hottest places in the hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, preserved teir neutrality”   – Dante Alighieri.

Film Reviews

A collection of film reviews written for “Daily Mirror” (under the column ‘Global Focus’) and the “Nation” in 2012/2013 – prominent newspapers in Sri Lanka. The film reviews were largely about classic films.