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Tales from an Ancient Land

Making of a Classic: Rekava (1956)

In 1956, the late Dr. Lester James Peries directed a film that changed the course of filmmaking in Sri Lanka. Here’s the story of how it was made.

Top 10 Sri Lankan Films

To mark 50 years of Sri Lankan cinema (1947-1997), a government committee made a list of the top 10 films. Here’s the official list of films ranging from ‘Rekava’ in 1956 to ‘Viragaya’ in 1987. In 1956, the late Dr. Lester James Peries directed a Sri Lankan film that changed the course of cinema in the country. Here’s the story of how it was made.

Grey Slender Loris

Referred to as the ‘Unahapuluwa’ (උණහපුලුවා) in Sinhalese, theGrey Slender Loris‘ is one of the smallest primates in Sri Lanka and the most widespread loris species.

Fishing Cat

Sri Lanka has four species of Wild Cat; this short clip is about the super rare ‘Fishing Cat‘ that is even found in suburban areas of the country.

Rusty Spotted Cat

In Sri Lanka, the smallest cat in the world locally referred to as the ‘Kola Diviya’ (කොළ දිවියා) and is one of the smallest cat species in the world! Sri Lanka has 4 species of wild cats: the Leopard, Fshing Cat, Jungle Cat and Rusty Spotted Cat.

Asian Elephant

The Sri Lankan elephant is one of 3 subspecies of Asian Elephants and is the largest of the genus. Currently, in Sri Lanka, humans and elephants live together in 44% of the country’s land area, a prime setting for HEC (Human-Elephant Conflict).

Nittaewo of Sri Lanka

The “Nittaewo” were a mysterious tribe that supposedly existed in Sri Lanka years ago. Although no solid proof has been uncovered, their morbid tale of demise were reiterated by the Veddas (an indigenous tribe in Sri Lanka).

Owls of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has 11 resident species of owls, including two endemics: the Serendib Scops Owl and the Chestnut-backed Owlet. The rest are common and uncommon resident breeders found in a variety of habitats throughout Sri Lanka

Filming the Devil Bird

Back in August 2014, we set out to film the notorious ‘Forest Eagle Owl’, known as the ‘Devil Bird of Sri Lanka’.

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park, also known as the ‘Land of Lakes’ is the largest and oldest national park in Sri Lanka, declared a sanctuary in February 1938. It is about 131693 hectres in extent and is fast becoming one of the most popular wildlife destinations in the country.

Jungle Fowl

Short doc about the national bird of Sri Lanka, the endemic Junglefowl.