Wild Sri Lanka- Realm of the Leopard was directed by Thivanka Rukshan Perera and his team at Aegle Creations. The documentary was aired this on Discovery Asia, Animal Planet, VIASAT, and Ushuaia TV. Speaking to The Sunday Morning Brunch this week is Director of the Film, Thivanka Rukshan Perera with an initial background of producing scripts for two short films, harnessed an interest in the creation of wildlife documentaries. subsequently, and before this production, he has produced number of documentaries related to birds, especially owls. This 45-minute-long film documented the behavioural characteristics of the Sri Lankan leopard.

‘In 2011 a troupe of white monkeys were found in a southern forest reserve,” says Thivanka Rukshan Perera, CEO of Aegle Creations who teamed up with Wild Life Conservation Society Galle do the video. Thivanka whose heart was to write, having returned to Sri Lanka he wrote and directed several short natural history documentaries. His first wildlife sort documentary short, “Brown Wood Owl – Juvenile’s Journey”, was screened at 20 international film festivals, including the ‘Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York’ (WCFFNY) in 2014. Featuring the beauty and innocence of this troupe of ‘shy’ creatures, Aegle Creations, a leading Wild Film Production team has released a documentary on their YouTube channel recently.

The Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) is Malaysia’s first and longest-serving platform promoting sustainable living through environmentally-themed films. From 8th – 11th October 2020, KLEFF 2020 will be screening 53 films via its digital screening platform, KLEFFlix during the virtual Festival Week. Man-Eaters: A Human Leopard Story is selected for screening at the 13th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2020 (KLEFF2020) film competition received a total submission of 119 environmental films from 43 countries this year under the festival’s theme: ‘Climate (In)Justice – Pick A Side’. Unlike India, man-eating leopards in 

A Sri Lankan documentary “Wild Sri Lanka – Realm of the Leopard” premiered in France on Ushuaia TV to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5. The documentary film, produced by Thivanka Rukshan Perera on behalf of their local production company Aegle Creations was previously aired on Discovery (Asia) and Viasat Nature earlier this year. The documentary is the first local wildlife production to be broadcast on Discovery channel. Thivanka’s most recent project, “Man Eaters : Human Leopard ” is a 52 min X 1 Documentary Film presently on distribution by ‘ LIMONERO FILMS’ in Spain. Man Eating Leopards are rare in Sri Lanka. But by tracing some prominent cases of man-eaters – such as the notorious ‘Man-eater of Punanai’ that killed over 20 people back in the 1920s.

The 3rd annual Whatashort Independent International Film Festival (WIIFF2017) comes to a successful end this weekend in the capital. The two day festival was witnessed by 900+ people watching 14+ hours of short films submitted from 34 countries and saw the presence of various filmmakers like Thivanka Perera from Srilanka, Tarun Jain, Arun Jindal, Aashish Bal Raj Sharma, Madhureeta Anand, Dheeraj Jindal, team of Scoopwhoop’s film the Sneh. Other people who joined the WIIFF as special mentions were Vishal Chauhan, Actor Nitin Bhasin, Arun Jain, Nicolas Campagana Actor of Award winning film Baba .

Thivanka Rukshan Perera’s “Silent Letter” is such unique attempt. The film is centered on a poor, low-caste boy from a rural village in Sri Lanka, attempts to escape to the city with terrible consequences.Jul 19, 2017. A short film about a poor, low-caste boy from a rural village in Sri Lanka, who dreams of escaping to the city (circa 1980’s). Directed by Kamal Addararachchi. This was not the first time that ‘Silent Letter’ has made it to the spotlight. It was picked for distribution by ‘Shorts International’ and was broadcast in USA this year. It also clinched a certificate of excellence at the Fifth Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival in Mumbai, India, last year.

“Cobbler’s Dream” is newest short film by the Award Winning Screenwriter Thivanka Perera. It unveils the story of a poor, widowed cobbler who tries to keep the memory of his wife alive under testing circumstances. A beautifully shot fable about the impermanence of life, and the weathered state one can find oneself in, short film Cobbler’s Dream is a cautionary piece about not taking life for granted, especially those people who make up its main parts. Written by Thivanka R. Perera, [UK FILM REVIEW by Chris Olson]

“Cobbler’s Dream” world Premiered at the 14th Annual South Asian International Film Festival. The South Asian International Film Festival, presented by HBO, was showcasing the very best in South Asian independent cinema to the New York City community. All screenings took place at Landmark Sunshine Theater at 143 East Houston Street, New York City. With over 50 percent world premieres this year and over 25 percent North American premieres, along with three New York premieres and one international premiere, SAIFF ’17 took on epic proportions with international filmmakers, actors and film personalities in Attendance.