Man Eaters: A Human Leopard Story

This 45-minute documentary takes a look at several cases of man-eating leopards and human-leopard conflict in Sri Lanka. It was screened at 13th Kula Lumpur Echo Film Festival -(KLEFF-2020) and on distribution by Limonero Films – Spain.

Wild Sri Lanka: Realm of the Leopard

“WILD SRI LANKA – REALM OF THE LEOPARD”  Premiered in 18 Southeast Asian countries in August 21st , 2019 on Discovery (Asia). A 45-minute wildlife documentary about the lowland leopard of Sri Lanka which was broadcast on Discovery Channel (Asia) Presently on broadcast via Animal Planet, Ushuaia TV and VIASAT (Nature).

The Man Eater of Punanai


A short documentary [shortened from our upcoming 45-minute film] about the first recorded man-eating leopard in Sri Lanka that terrorized a rural village back in the 1920s. The documentary also sheds light on the human-leopard conflict with relation to this man-eater and what caused the leopard to prey on humans.

The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka (Discovery – Canada)

Back in 2014, when I first did my documentary on owls in Sri Lanka, I came across a very interesting owl called the “Forest Eagle Owl”, In 2018, Discovery Channel in Canada wrote to me saying that they were doing a little piece about this mythology based on my documentaries, so I gladly provided permission to use my footage.

Silent Letter (Short Film)

“SILENT LETTER” won the Best Film (Debut) at the 3rd ‘Whatashort Indepandent International Film Festival (WIFF) held in New Delhi – India, 2017. It is veteran actor Kamal Addarachchi’s first directorial effort and was written by Thivanka R. Perera. The film was shown internationally on ‘SHORTS TV’ in 2016/2017 and on Sri Lanka Rupavahini – 2020

Satyajit Ray’s ‘Alien‘ – The Film That Never Was

In 1967, late Indian Filmmaker Satyajit Ray wrote a sci-fi script called “The Alien”. With the help of Sir Arthur C. Clarke and his filmmaker friend in Sri Lanka Mike Wilson, the script garnered the interest of a major Hollywood studio. Peter Sellers was attached, then Marlon Brando, then Steve McQueen and even James Coburn. But nothing came of it in the end. So, what really happened?

5 International Films Shot in Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka has lured many prominent filmmakers since the early 1900s, including Carol Reed, David Lean, and even Steven Spielberg. Here are 5 notable international films that were shot in the country. The film industry in Sri Lanka is not what it was in the 70s – which was considered to be the ‘Golden Era’ of Sri Lankan Cinema.

Cobbler’s Dream (Short Film)

A short film about a poor, widowed cobbler who tries to keep the memory of his wife alive under testing circumstances. The film premiered at 14th South Asian International Film Festival in New York. It is a “beautifully shot fable about the impermanence of life” Short film review by UK Film Review. “Cobbler’s Dream” is picked up for distribution by ‘Shorts International’ in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Brown Wood Owl: Juvenile’s Journey

This was my first foray into wildlife filmmaking. The film premiered at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’ in NYC, USA, in New York, USA in 2014 and was screened at nearly 20 international film festivals and got award at the 3rd Kolkota Short Film Festival – 2014 and Matsalu Film Festival – 2014.

Voice of the Night: The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka

Following the success of my previous documentary short (“The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka”, which can be seen below), I wrote the script for a ‘sequel’ in early 2017 after I graduated from college. Following my move back to Sri Lanka, I got my team together and made this documentary, which also won the ‘REEL 13’ weekly short film contest on WNET/Channel 13 in New York City, USA.

The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka

This was filmed at the Dehiwala Zoo in Sri Lanka. At the time, no other documentaries were made about the notorious ‘Devil Bird of Sri Lanka’. Of course, imitations and rip-offs followed using our content, but this is the original documentary where it all started. Although this was, in fact, a college film project that eventually got international attention (as of writing it has 250K views on YouTube).

For Devil’s sake: Owls of Sri Lanka

For Devil’s Sake: Owls of Sri Lanka’ explores the myth of the notorious ‘Devil Bird’ of Sri Lankan folklore; while also relating the negative affect of superstition on the avifauna of the country. It is also the first documentary to visually document the owls of Sri Lanka. “For Devil’s Sake – Owls of Sri Lanka” was screened at ‘Colorado Environmental Film Festival’ in 2015.