Literary Interview about “Wild Sri Lanka – Realm of the Leopard” on Channel Eye – ” Rise & Shine on Channel Eye– National TV – Rupavahini in September – 2019. The documentary is the first independent wildlife film production to be acquired by Discovery Channel. It was subsequently broadcast on Discovery (Asia) channel in August – 2019.

‘Asian Mirror’ Interview with Thivanka “Hollywood does not get much stories from Sri Lanka” he added. Hence the cultural elements are not recognized often. Speaking about his award winning production, he said that he had developed the story since he spent school vacations at his mother’s home town. The story is based on a young boy who is barred by social barriers from reaching his freedom.

Wild Sri Lanka: Realm of the Leopard, is a documentary first aired on Discovery Asia showcasing the leopard population of Sri Lanka. A production of over four years, the documentary is now set to be distributed internationally! a blue-chip documentary exploring the lowland forests of Sri Lanka and its keystone species, such as the Asiatic Elephant and Sri Lankan leopard.

His first short film ‘Nihanda Lipiya’ (Silent Letter) won the Best Short Film (debut) award at the Whatashort Independent International Film Festival held in New Delhi, India this year. The film was directed by veteran actor Kamal Addaraarachchi, who received the Best Creation award for his directorial debut. He took a risk with a non-structural ‘art house’ debut.