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Tales from an Ancient Land

Komari Man-Eater of Sri Lanka

Abridged from Douglas Ranasinghe’s book “The Man-Eating Leopard of Punanai“ Apart from Sri Lanka’s most notorious man-eating leopard of Punanai (that operated in the early 1920s), there was also a much lesser-known man-eater in Sri Lanka. This leopard’s short reign of terror transpired during 1936 in a little village called ‘Komari’. Situated in the east…
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Man-Eating Leopard of Punanai: Full Story

Back in the 1920s, a bold leopard routinely attacked and killed around 20 people in a small village called Punanai on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Till 1924, the leopard wreaked havoc in the village, striking fear into the hearts of people. It wasn’t until Captain Shelton Agar – a planter and hunter from…
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Man-Eaters of Sri Lanka – Part 2

The Human-Leopard conflict in the hill country of Sri Lanka is actually a stark reminder of the social and economic disparity in the country. The region is full of tea plantations produced by British colonials back in the day; most of the laborers working there are poor Tamil women who have no other source of…
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Wilpattu National Park: Leopard Country

Wilpattu National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in Sri Lanka. Compared to other popular wildlife sanctuaries in the country, Wilpattu lies off the beaten track. Make no mistake, it’s a wildlife haven. What’s more interesting is the number of wild leopards in the park. But, this park was closed for…
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Sri Lanka: Top Safari Animals

What makes Sri Lanka a great wildlife destination? Well, where else can you see the largest animal on land (the elephant), the largest animal in the planet AND the country’s top predator (the leopard) within a span of days? Plus, where else can you see 300 wild Asian Elephants gathered in one location? That’s right,…
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Top 5 National Parks in Sri Lanka

For a small island, Sri Lanka has a substantial number of national parks (26, to be exact). The country is predominantly Buddhist, hence harmonious coexistence was encouraged since ancient times. A special place was (still is) given for animals in history, culture, and religion. But, where can you see Sri Lanka’s marvelous creatures? Here are…
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