Month: June 2019

Tales from an Ancient Land

Filming the Blue Magpie

Place: Sinharaja rainforest reserve, Sri Lanka – a biodiversity hotspot and Unesco World Heritage site. In an attempt to film many species as possible for my documentary, me and the team (Saman Hewage and Dhanusha Bandara) came to the rainforest hoping to film some exotic birds; one bird we had in mind was the colorful,…
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Filming Leopards

In late 2017, after finishing work on my documentary “Voice of the Night – The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka”, I discussed with my father (Dr. Mahendra Perera) and team (Dhanusha Bandara and Saman Hewage) the possibility of making a broadcast-length wildlife documentary. Shortly afterward, we began production by filming leopards. We chose Wilpattu National…
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Filming the ‘Devil Bird’

Back in 2014, I came up with the idea of doing a documentary about owls in Sri Lanka. With my trusty team (including cameramen Dhanusha Bandara and Saman Hewage) we spent nearly a year jetting around the country filming owls. Most of them were hard to film – owls are nocturnal, and it takes a…
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